consumer reports! deep(ish) thoughts on how people believe what they read and why they maybe shouldn’t (especially when it comes to gossip [even if it’s presented as news])

the #1 most amazing thing i’ve encountered about what- for lack of a better phrase- i’m going to term The TomKat Situation is that people really do believe what they read. like, all of it.

never mind that it’s gossip and that it’s trickled over to CNN or HuffPo or Fox News via US Weekly and nobody in their right mind would trust what they read in US Weekly. once it gets there over on CNN or HuffPo or Fox News or [insert the name of your reputable news source], it’s truth. Continue reading

sexual, emotional, intense: a “reading” of bowie/jagger in “dancing in the streets”

one of the greatest things ever for a writer is when something you’ve written ages ago is suddenly rendered timely by breaking news. case in point:

huzzah! not new news to us though, thanks to a “dancing in the streets” analysis i wrote awhile back… Continue reading

biography is personal

it’s a very personal thing, biography.

take the question “why jackie?” i don’t know how to answer that without referring to the badly xeroxed women’s history handout from mrs. pavlick’s 6th grade english class.

“why tabloids?” leads to a similarly intimate anecdote of my family’s mid-90s mania for antiquing. when everyone around you has a collection, you learn to collect. Continue reading