random thoughts upon reading the “vanity fair” scientology article, seeing “the master” and rewatching tom cruise’s 2005 oprah appearance, wherein he jumped the couch

re: the master. i liked it. except for p.s.hoff singing at the end, which was hands down the most difficult moment of a difficult film. the key change = DEEPLY uncomfortable, ohmygod. Continue reading

an open letter to lindsay lohan re: her continuing vehicular + cinematic terrorization of the public at-large, and/or the release of the promotional poster for the approaching trainwreck that is the lifetime movie “liz & dick”

dear lindsay lohan,

(damn you look like joan collins!)

you hit a dude with your car.

and then you walked away.

and then you were arrested. Continue reading

entirely too few words in praise of the long-suffering debo, who has been hearing about this project since the beginning of time

so i’ve been a little silent here because i’ve slaving away elsewhere, readying the sex toboggans- which are (is?), in fact, now titled “DESPERATE WOMEN GAMBLE ALL!” (catchy, non?)- for a future thing.

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