a mess of disorganized half-thoughts on the films of sofia coppola

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firstly, a disclaimer: i am not a film critic. thanks to a first boyfriend who worked at a cinema and ensured that i saw every single movie released in summer of 1999, i like movies. and, thanks to a vast over-education, i like thinking critically. and i find that, when in the midst of being over-educated, i find it increasingly difficult to turn off that critical faculty. which brings us to the bling ring. Continue reading

very brief thoughts on the wimbledon ‘bromance’ of bradley cooper and gerard butler in relation to the concept of ‘britney resting face’

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so the coop and g.but were at the wimbledon men’s final and apparently the television presenters milked this for all it was worth with loads of cutaways.

they’re calling BROMANCE, largely because these two men appeared to be having a good time and they took a photograph of themselves together: Continue reading

EMERGENCY THOUGHTS re: kate middleton, celeb pregnancy, and truly, epically, incredibly awful art (emotions via britney spears)


firstly, britbrit and i share the whatever you wanna call the opposite of ‘bitchy resting face‘. EMOTIONS ALL OVER THE FACE face, i guess. so i’mma rely on her as an emoticon of sorts to guide us through the horror we are about to endure.

secondly, do you remember when that sick dude made a grotesque piece of statuary devoted to the re-imagining of britney’s first kid’s birth? well, (1) he’s back. except no one really cares this time because it’s KK. know who they do care about? DOC. which brings us to… Continue reading