a quick analysis of macaulay culkin’s emotional well-being based solely on looking at photographs

hey, remember that one time that we were all worried about macaulay culkin because he was eating alone at taco bell?

(and yes, we’ll be returning to j.tim eventually…)


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some thoughts on jackie upon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of her 1st husband’s death


she hated the 22nd, jackie did. hated that people chose to remember the day JFK died rather than the day of his birth or the inauguration or anything else. hated that they chose to remember the killing and not the life. she’d cancel the papers, but it didn’t matter because there’d be displays in store windows, people on the street, etc. one particularly bad year, on the anniversary, children from her son’s school followed the pair of them home shouting at the little boy ‘your father’s dead! your father’s dead!’ as he held his mother’s hand.

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there are celebrities i cannot stand and justin timberlake is #1 (a personal meditation [part 4])

so hey, guess who we’re talking about! yup. STILL. i know, i know. you’re wondering how there could possibly more words to spill on this man. how has my admittedly shallow well of thoughts and analysis not run completely dry. fear not! we’re nearly done. (except… ARE WE?! because now j.tim’s chimed up about how he’s so memphis because his primary impulse is to kill people rather than dialogue, which is a maddeningly reductive thing to have said about a city known for the killing of martin luther king, jr.)  as i mentioned initially, my dislike of j.tim can be distilled into three episodes: the wedding, the shriners, and take back the night.

(sidenote: doesn’t he totally look like chuck bass in the photo above??)

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there are celebrities i cannot stand and justin timberlake is #1 (a personal meditation [part 3])

i knew this was going to happen. i knew that in doing this i was going to run slipshod over really really important things, which is precisely what i did last week.

hey, remember how we were talking about j.tim’s wedding???


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