a mish-mash of impressions about life writing/shapes/curation, and artfully lived lives as art, as relates to the somerset house exhibition “ISABELLA BLOW: FASHION GALORE”

so i went to the isabella blow exhibit at somerset house the other day. which… well… omg, GET THEE THERE.


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the sex lives of dead people (ie. the ‘jackie slept with nureyev! bobby slept with nureyev! everybody slept with nureyev!’ brouhaha caused by a book not yet published which i’ve not yet read)


so there was a little article in the daily mail last week about how everyone who was anyone in the 1960s slept with the danzatore rudolph nureyev. as we all know, pretty much everyone who was anyone in the ’60s was a kennedy. and so: nureyev made it with the whole clan!!! Continue reading

a smattering of commentary re: valerie trierweiler, françois hollande, and the french first family’s current clusterwhoops

do you know about this? is this being bandied about elsewhere or is it only capturing the interest of those of us who click on the ‘world news’ tab of the new york times?

so, in quick… france’s president in this guy:


françois hollande. and the woman shown with him there is valerie trierweiler. Continue reading

there are celebrities i cannot stand and justin timberlake is #1 (a personal meditation [the last])


true story: this is the part at which i suck. because i can do curation… pulling together a lot of tangential stuff and saying ISN’T THIS SO NEAT?! where i do not excel is the question of WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!?!  Continue reading