totally random gossip nostalgia trip: tom cruise + nicole kidman edition


so it was a long week and i’d an ear infection and wound up spending the majority of saturday in a swoon state watching far and away. which reminded me why i ❤ tommy cruise (in spite of himself) and why tommy cruise and nicole kidman were my celebrity couple ideal. Continue reading

checking in with george clooney’s fiancee, wedding planner

we saw this coming, no?

Screen shot 2014-06-13 at 7.23.51 AM

am i an idiot for entertaining the hope that the daily mail might write about this woman in her own right? is it naive of me to have been bothered by the fact that- because “george’s lady” is so serious- her seriousness is being translated into clooney’s wanting a political career? (as in: the only reason a hollywood star would marry a serious woman is because she fit the bill for a career change.)

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