biography is personal

it’s a very personal thing, biography. take the question “why jackie?” i don’t know how to answer that without referring to the badly xeroxed women’s history handout from mrs. pavlick’s 6th grade english class. “why tabloids?” leads to a similarly intimate anecdote of my family’s mid-90s mania for antiquing. when everyone around you has a […]

jackie! the authorized biography

John Kennedy’s victory in the 1960 presidential election raised interest in his wife to a fevered pitch. But, Jackie was adamant that she would do things on her own terms. She detested the  prying and made a preemptive move to thwart conjecture about her private life. At her mother’s suggestion, Mrs. Kennedy appointed Mary Van Rensselaer Thayer— […]

biography = deprivation

(24 may 2011) biographers don’t eat. at their conferences the food is placed strategically just beyond the bar, which is surrounded by such a crush of people that one can never break through. in my many futile attempts to reach the mountains of canapés i could see on the other side of the room, i spent a significant […]

i am here to talk about kim kardashian again

[CW: assault, gun violence, rape] for someone who’s all about cultivating A Sense of Occasion IRL, i always struggle to write when the occasion calls for it. but i am aware that on this day, five years ago, a group of french criminals assaulted and robbed kim kardashian. a circumstance which seems to demand some […]

on silence

for the last few weeks, i’ve been working on a thing that lacks form– it may be an article or it may be a book. it is, undoubtedly, a story in progress. i’ve pursued it through haphazard writing and numerous conversations over expensive dinners i can’t really afford. still, i do not know what it […]