stray thoughts re: gloria emerson

gloria emerson was in my dreams last night.

in twenty years, i’ve had a grand total of two jackie dreams, so gloria emerson is already giving her a run for her money.


gloria emerson by dorothy marder, End of War Rally, Central Park, May 11, 1975

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the pathos of jackie kennedy dolls on etsy

i’ve written before about paperdolls. about how they are sometimes so haunting and we should all be using them to teach history because their pathos seems a particularly useful pedological tool. but i’m realizing i’ve not thought enough about dolls more generally. because, you guys, DOLLS… they really capture something about the human condition, no?

jackie doll

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we steal stories

as janet malcolm writes in the silent woman, her MASTERPIECE of biographical criticism, the biographer is “like the professional burglar, breaking into a house, rifling through certain drawers that he has good reason to think contain the loot and money, and triumphantly bearing his loot away.”

i’ve been thinking about life-writing in terms of stealing quite a lot in the fortnight since andrew o’hagan spoke at the conference a colleague and i organized up in oxford on life-writing and celebrity. o’hagan’s question was whether our stories actually belong to us. it is a question to which i would answer wistfully but firmly: no.

(a discussion that i will primarily illustrate with random photos from sarah jessica parker’s instagram, because i’ve recently become obsessed with celebrity instagrams and because ❤ …)

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40 years ago, jackie onassis got a job: reflections on our curious cultural reluctance to seeing first ladies as working women

well, 40 years and some days ago. and, to bring us full circle, this happened to coincide with the aforementioned spate of 1975 rumors that she was hooking up with sinatra, so the story is frequently illustrated in the contemporary papers with a photo from The Night of The Visible Bra Black Striped Jumpsuit and The Suit of a Different Color.


which, OF COURSE, <3.

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apologies to capote: history, gossip and gore vidal (emotions via britney)

i have- quite late in the day for one writing a biography of jackie onassis- come to the late memoirs of the late gore vidal.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.49.21 AMfor which i will need my celebrity EMOTIONS ALL OVER THE FACE face double…

brit 36

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harvard and jackie onassis (world’s greatest listener) in vanity fair’s article on an intellectual bromance

jackie-kennedy-1975 so there’s this vanity fair article this month. “How Jackie O Played Matchmaker to Two of America’s Greatest Minds.” it has unsettled me and i’m not entirely sure why so let’s dig in…

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the mixed blessing of newly processed papers: the nancy tuckerman files of the jacqueline kennedy onassis collection at the jfk library (emotions by britney)

so this was terrifically exciting for about five minutes.

Screen shot 2015-04-04 at 11.28.39 AM

britney claps