now that mila kunis is engaged, macaulay’s abandoned the burritos to race to the altar

and where were we, before zac efron interrupted… oh yeah. mac.
New York Comic Con 2013 - Day 2 if you’ve been around here with any regularity in the last year, you know i’m rather taken with the daily mail‘s accounts of macaulay culkin’s love life. rightfully so, because they are amaze. predictably, given mila kunis’s recent engagement to that man who dumped demi moore, the DM decided to check in and see how mac’s doing. he was not, as it turns out, drowning his sorrows in ‘sad’ ‘by himself’ ‘on his own’ ‘lunch for one’ burritos from taco bell. Continue reading

a quick analysis of macaulay culkin’s emotional well-being based solely on looking at photographs

hey, remember that one time that we were all worried about macaulay culkin because he was eating alone at taco bell?

(and yes, we’ll be returning to j.tim eventually…)


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now that macaulay culkin is “happy and healthy” because he was seen carrying a hudson news bag at laguardia, let’s talk about that one time he was “solitary” and “alone” because he ate lunch at taco bell

maci heart macaulay culkin. not out of any great love of home alone. more just because we’re near exact contemporaries and i root for him. and not in the overwrought way that i root for tommy cruise. my hopes for mac are pure, simple. i want him to do well.

plus, he’s an easy person to root for. he throws ipod parties.  he’s committed to his critically-panned outsiderish art. and he usually stays under the radar. RESPECT.

so in honor of what i’ve just arbitrarily deemed Macaulay Culkin Gossip Appreciation Day, i would like to do a deep reading of two mac-related articles in my beloved daily mail. Continue reading