i am here to talk about kim kardashian again

[CW: assault, gun violence, rape] for someone who’s all about cultivating A Sense of Occasion IRL, i always struggle to write when the occasion calls for it. but i am aware that on this day, five years ago, a group of french criminals assaulted and robbed kim kardashian. a circumstance which seems to demand some […]

on silence

for the last few weeks, i’ve been working on a thing that lacks form– it may be an article or it may be a book. it is, undoubtedly, a story in progress. i’ve pursued it through haphazard writing and numerous conversations over expensive dinners i can’t really afford. still, i do not know what it […]

my life with jackie

it is like a nesting doll, my life with jackie. a series of anniversaries, each now saturated in its own memories. because when you write about someone else, you are ultimately writing about yourself. when you write about someone for twenty-five years, writing about that person is actually you living your life.


such was the nature of 2018 that i- a woman with her good ear perpetually to the ground of celebrity gossip- TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW THIS. not until, like, now. when i was reading an essay on memphis music and thought biography.com wasn’t enough of a credible source and wondered if there were any biographies […]