such was the nature of 2018 that i- a woman with her good ear perpetually to the ground of celebrity gossip- TOTALLY DID NOT KNOW THIS. not until, like, now. when i was reading an essay on memphis music and thought biography.com wasn’t enough of a credible source and wondered if there were any biographies […]

the pathos of elvis rings (emotions via britney)

oh hello. i know, i know. long time no words. forgive me. in a life of approximately 9,000,000,000 projects (give or take a few), it is sometimes hard to remain a word factory in all available venues. but yo, i’m back! the world is a pit of drear and suck. let’s talk about totally superficially […]

kim kardashian: dumped!

i’m deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeply immersed in kardashian world at present, writing a paper on KK’s social media abstention in the wake of the paris assault. people, i am committed. and, i believe, going way above and beyond.